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17th May 2023

Each year, migrant workers send home $3 billion

CSX Stocks

CSX Index

Value 1D % Chg 1D Vol Mkt Cap (KHR'bn)
467.74 0.07 53,318 7,094

Stock Performance

Stock Close (KHR) 1D chg (%) MTD chg (%) YTD chg (%) 1M high (KHR) 1M low (KHR) MTD vol (shr) Mkt cap (KHR'bn)
PWSA 7,700 0.00 -1.28 1.85 7,800 7,700 27,339 670
GTI 3,320 2.15 -0.90 -12.63 3,380 3,250 20,208 133
PPAP 14,280 -0.14 -3.51 2.00 14,960 14,280 6,001 295
PPSP 2,360 0.00 -1.67 -1.26 2,400 2,350 60,313 170
PAS 13,140 0.15 -3.38 -1.35 13,860 13,120 18,236 1,127
ABC 10,320 0.00 -9.47 -4.62 11,520 10,300 1,181,169 4,470
PEPC 3,060 0.33 -0.65 -2.86 3,100 3,050 2,882 229
DBDE 2,330 0.00 -1.27 -2.51 2,370 2,320 27,319 43
JSL 4,160 0.97 -6.73 -16.13 4,600 4,120 3,241 107
1D = 1 Day; 1M= 1 Month; MTD = Month-To-Date; YTD = Year-To-Date; Chg = Change; Vol = Volume; shr = share; Mkt cap = Market capitalization

Valuation Ratios

  ttm,mrq (ttm,KHR) KHR (ttm,x) (mrq,x) (ttm,x) (ttm,x)
PPWSA 3Q22 1,242 9,852 6.20 0.78 1.93 8.40
GTI 3Q22 178 7,138 18.68 0.47 0.29 65.38
PPAP 3Q22 2,897 18,416 4.93 0.78 1.99 5.44
PPSP 3Q22 328 3,576 7.18 0.66 0.98 16.50
PAS 3Q22 1,568 5,986 8.38 2.19 3.18 14.28
ABC 3Q22 1,702 12,067 6.06 0.86 1.54 NA
PEPC** 2Q22 33 1,468 92.85 2.08 1.06 25.63
DBDE 3Q22 -123 1,426 NA 1.63 0.70 2.53
NOTE: ttm= trailing-twelve months; mrq = most recent quarter; *Excluding equity of non-common shares for PPWSA, PPAP and PAS; **FY ending in June

News Highlights

Stock Market

CSX Index up slightly 0.07% to 467.7 points The CSX index increased 0.07% to 467.7 points on May 17, 2023. The comparable percentage increases for GTI, PAS, and PEPC were 2.15 %, 0.15 %, and 0.33%. However, the share prices of PWSA, PPSP, and ABC did not alter. The only stock to experience a decline today was PPAP, which announced its quarterly results. JSL has increased by 0.97% on the growth board, while DBDE has not changed. A total of 53,318 shares were traded for KHR 517 million, an increase of 34.7% over the volume on the previous closing day. (Source: YSC Research)

Economy and Industry

Each year, migrant workers send home $3 billion Ith Samheng, the Minister of Labor and Vocational Training, stated that the government has worked to improve cooperation with partner nations to give more Cambodian employees opportunity to work abroad. Currently, 1.3 million workers send their families remittances totaling over $3 billion every year. He continued by saying that the textile-related industries, which include clothing, footwear, and travel accessories, currently employ more than 850,000 people in 1,325 factories and that Cambodia was one of the top exporters of clothing to foreign markets in 2016. The Minister also reports that there are 17,102 businesses and organizations registered with the ministry, employing 1.5 million people, and bringing in an average of more than $4.55 billion annually. (Source: The Phnom Penh Post)

The semiconductor crisis is now over for Cambodia's automotive industry according to the industry insider Industry insiders claim that the demand-supply imbalances that were caused by the global chip shortage in the country's vehicle industry are no longer present. They claim that after a protracted period of supply issues brought on by the industry's more than two-year epidemic season, the nation's auto market has stabilized and is "absolutely out of the woods." The country's automotive industry is no longer being negatively impacted by the worldwide chip crisis, according to Saing Ngorn, Chief Executive Officer and Country Head of RMA Cambodia. "Over the past two years, the chip crisis has proven to be a major problem for both automakers and distributors, particularly when it comes to satisfying customer demand. It started to ease around the beginning of 2023, and now I can say that the country's automobile sector is no more facing such a crisis." Ngorn explained. (Source: Khmer Times)

IRRI asks Cambodia to develop low-sugar paddy seeds A low-sugar paddy seed, also known as low glycemic index or low GI paddy seed, has been proposed to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), represented by its Asia Director, Jongsoo Shin, for development in Cambodia. Prime Minister Hun Sen stated that one of the government's new strategies to change a broad agricultural development approach to a comprehensive one is research on high-productive paddy seeds. Meanwhile, CARDI has introduced a new rice variety called Champei Sar 70 that enables farmers to farm two to three times a year and has a yield of 4.5 tons per hectare. (Source: Khmer Times)

Corporate News

Revenue from PPAP falls 14% YoY to $10.77M in four months of 2023 For the first four months of this year, the Phnom Penh Autonomous Port (PPAP) reported total income of $10.77 million, a 14% decrease from its revenue of $12.53 million for the same time in 2022. The publicly traded state-owned company recorded overall revenue of $2.54 million in April of this year, down 16% from its revenue of $3.04 million for the same month in the previous year, according to a filing with the Cambodia Securities Exchange. According to a report from the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, the listed Sihanoukville Autonomous Port (PAS) and PPAP generated close to $130 million in revenue in 2022. According to the report, freight through PAS increased by 2.45% to $86 million in 2022, while freight through PPAP jumped by 17.10% to $40 million. (Source: Khmer Times)

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Market Update

17th May 2023

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