China approves direct exports of Cambodian pepper

Market Update / May 16, 2023

CSX Stocks

CSX Index

Value 1D % Chg 1D Vol Mkt Cap (KHR'bn)
467.42 -0.13 39,588 7,089

Stock Performance

Stock Close (KHR) 1D chg (%) MTD chg (%) YTD chg (%) 1M high (KHR) 1M low (KHR) MTD vol (shr) Mkt cap (KHR'bn)
PWSA 7,700 -0.52 -1.28 1.85 7,800 7,700 25,097 670
GTI 3,250 -2.40 -2.99 -14.47 3,380 3,250 19,913 130
PPAP 14,300 -0.97 -3.38 2.14 14,960 14,300 5,980 296
PPSP 2,360 -0.42 -1.67 -1.26 2,400 2,350 57,514 170
PAS 13,120 -0.61 -3.53 -1.50 13,860 13,120 18,086 1,125
ABC 10,320 0.19 -9.47 -4.62 11,520 10,300 1,133,803 4,470
PEPC 3,050 -0.33 -0.97 -3.17 3,100 3,050 2,437 229
DBDE 2,330 0.00 -1.27 -2.51 2,370 2,320 25,854 43
JSL 4,120 -5.94 -7.62 -16.94 4,600 4,120 3,059 106
1D = 1 Day; 1M= 1 Month; MTD = Month-To-Date; YTD = Year-To-Date; Chg = Change; Vol = Volume; shr = share; Mkt cap = Market capitalization

Valuation Ratios

  ttm,mrq (ttm,KHR) KHR (ttm,x) (mrq,x) (ttm,x) (ttm,x)
PPWSA 3Q22 1,242 9,852 6.20 0.78 1.93 8.40
GTI 3Q22 178 7,138 18.28 0.46 0.28 64.25
PPAP 3Q22 2,897 18,416 4.94 0.78 2.00 5.45
PPSP 3Q22 328 3,576 7.18 0.66 0.98 16.50
PAS 3Q22 1,568 5,986 8.36 2.19 3.18 14.26
ABC 3Q22 1,702 12,067 6.06 0.86 1.54 NA
PEPC** 2Q22 33 1,468 92.54 2.08 1.06 25.58
DBDE 3Q22 -123 1,426 NA 1.63 0.70 2.53
NOTE: ttm= trailing-twelve months; mrq = most recent quarter; *Excluding equity of non-common shares for PPWSA, PPAP and PAS; **FY ending in June

News Highlights

Stock Market

CSX Index down 0.13% to 467.4 points On May 16, 2023, the CSX index dropped 0.13% to 467.4 points. PWSA, GTI, PPAP, PPSP, PAS, and PEPC all decreased by corresponding percentages of 0.52%, 2.40%, 0.97%, 0.42%, 0.61%, and 0.33%. ABC, on the other hand, regained by 0.19% to KHR 10,320. On the growth board, JSL fallen by 5.94% as the first quarterly report of 2023 are delayed and DBDE shows no movement. A total of 39,588 shares were exchanged for KHR 386 million, a 39.8% declined from the previous closing day's volume. (Source: YSC Research)

Economy and Industry

China approves direct exports of Cambodian pepper After the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) authorizes Cambodia's export request, Cambodian pepper will be immediately available in China. The GACC approved seven packaging firms and 28 registered pepper farms for exports, the Chinese Embassy stated last week. According to the report, shipping of pepper from Cambodia to China is now permitted after all export formalities were completed. According to Mak Ny, President of the Cambodia Pepper and Spices Federation, the move would increase production and diversify markets, and pepper growers in the nation stand to gain from it. In the first three months of this year, 822,654 tons of pepper were exported from Cambodia. (Source: Khmer Times)

In four months, imports of oil and gas total $1.15 billion. The General Department of Customs and Excise said that in the first four months of this year, oil and gas imports into Cambodia totaled $1.15 billion, a mere 0.6% reduction over the same time in 2022. Due to the fact that its offshore oil and gas deposits have not yet been exploited, Cambodia now imports all of its oil and gas. Oil prices in Cambodia have soared since the Russia-Ukraine crisis started in February 2022, which has had a knock-on effect on the costs of other goods and services. According to Mines and Energy Minister Suy Sem, Cambodia's demand for petroleum products is anticipated to rise from 2.8 million tons in 2020 to 4.8 million tons in 2030. (Source: Khmer Times)

Apex business body considering opening an office in Hong Kong The Cambodia Chamber of Commerce (CCC) has received a request from a Hong Kong business delegation to establish a representative office there. This office would act as a trade and investment gateway, connecting the city to nearby markets and beyond, according to the CCC. The group met with the CCC last week with the main objectives of learning about the chamber's responsibilities both domestically and internationally and investigating potential cooperative opportunities to encourage investors operating in Hong Kong to enter the Cambodian market. Hong Kong could be the next in the series of international CCC outposts opened since the first in Toronto, Canada in May 2022, followed by another in Sendai, Japan, and then two more in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia in that order. (Source: The Phnom Penh Post)

Corporate News

Wing Bank and Japan Remit Finance work together to provide secure money transfers Thanks to a new strategic alliance between Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc and Japan Remit Finance Co., Ltd., Cambodians living in Japan now have a reliable means to send money to their loved ones. A recent Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Wing Bank and JRF formed the strategic cooperation. By expanding the remittance choices available to Cambodians residing in Japan, the cooperation will give them access to a dependable, secure, and affordable method of sending money home. JRF has served more than 100,000 consumers in Japan who want to transfer money home throughout the course of its more than ten years in the business. (Source: Khmer Times)

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