Investment Banking

Since 2006, Yuanta has been advising a broad range of clients (corporations, state-owned enterprises, and government institutions) in public and private capital raising as the first and leading investment bank in Cambodia.
Combining superior origination strength and structuring expertise with an extensive network of investors, Yuanta has been at the center of landmark deals in Cambodia. Widely recognized as the market leader, we provide our clients with the benefit of strong on-the-ground resources, access to offshore investors, and a deep understanding of the local and international markets critical to getting international deals completed. We strive to identify the most optimal approach to capital raising according to our client's needs and help achieve their most critical business objectives with lasting impact.

Equity Capital Market

Yuanta has demonstrated sector-leading performance in equity underwriting operations, serving as the lead underwriter in various monumental IPO deals. We provide extensive support to companies transitioning from private to public. Our underwriting activities range from initial public offerings to follow-on equity issues, and private placements.

Inital Public Offering

Going public represents a significant milestone in the development of a company-one that can help enhance the company's profile, boost visibility, and increase the number of new business and marketing opportunities. How well a company handles the wide range of IPO complexities can determine the overall success of the offering and the company's transition into the marketplace. That's where our IPO team can help pre-IPO companies in overcoming challenges, remaining ahead of the curve, and keep their businesses moving in the right direction.

Follow-on Common Stock Issue

Under certain conditions, raising capital through follow-on common stock issues may be more beneficial than increasing debt: Avoid debt covenants that can restrict business operations, rebalance capital structure, meet the desired debt to equity ratio, and more. For certain clients, we can help them raise additional capital with follow-on common stock issues to finance new projects, acquisitions, or business operations.

Private Placement

A private placement is a sale of securities to pre-selected investors and institutions rather than on the open market. Raising capital through a private placement requires less regulatory requirements than the public offering.

Public Offerings

Our experts manage both new issuance of different types of bonds (plain, guaranteed, secured, social/green bonds, and others) listed on the securities exchange as well as follow-on offerings.

Private Placements

A private placement is a sale of debt securities to pre-selected investors and institutions rather than on the open market. In general, raising debt through private placement is subject to less regulatory requirements than the public offering.

Government Bonds

As a licensed Underwriter, we can help our clients to invest in Cambodia government bonds.

Structured Bonds

Our Debt Capital Markets team can assist clients with the issuance of structured bonds:

  • Redeemable or callable bonds are bonds that can be redeemed or paid off by the issuer prior to the bonds' maturity date.
  • Convertible bonds are corporate bonds that can be converted by the holder into the common stock of the issuing company.
  • Green bonds are bonds created to fund projects that have positive environmental and/or climate benefits.
  • Social bonds are intended to support new and existing projects that address or mitigate a specific social issue and/or seek to achieve positive social outcomes.
  • Sustainable bonds are bonds where the proceeds will be exclusively applied to finance or re-finance a combination of both green and social projects.

Debt Capital Market

We assist clients in:

  • (i) identifying the capital needs,
  • (ii) developing the issuance plan,
  • (iii) underwriting/ distributing bond products,and
  • (iv) satisfying regulations of relevant authorities.
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