For Individual Investor

  1. Investor shall have an Investor ID number issued by the SERC before opening a Trading Account.

  2. Please contact us via the contact details below for assistance.

I.Apply for an Investor ID Number

  1. Investor ID Number Application Form

  2. Photo (4x6)

  3. ID Card / Passport

  4. Application fee: USD 5.00

II.Open a Trading Account

  1. Trading Account Opening Forms

  2. ID Card / Passport

  3. Bank account information with ≥ 30k investment amount

  4. Other, if necessary


  1. If opening at the counter, investor shall bring the original ID Card / Passport for verification.

  2. If off-site opening, ID Card / Passport shall be notarized by a Notary Public.

To assist client in completing the form, please contact our operations team via contact detail below:

  1. Email:

  2. Phone: +855-23-860-800 / +855-92-777-309

  3. Telegram: +855-17-982-629

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