For Individual Investor

  1. Investor shall have an Investor ID number issued by the SERC before opening a Trading Account./p>

  2. Please contact us via the contact details below for assistance.

I.Apply for an Investor ID Number

  1. Investor ID Number Application Form

  2. Photo (4x6)

  3. ID Card / Passport

  4. Application fee: USD 5.00

II.Open a Trading Account

  1. Trading Account Opening Forms

  2. ID Card / Passport

  3. Bank account information with ≥ 30k investment amount

  4. Other, if necessary


  1. If opening at the counter, investor shall bring the original ID Card / Passport for verification.

  2. If off-site opening, ID Card / Passport shall be notarized by a Notary Public.

To assist client in completing the form, please contact our operations team via contact detail below:

  1. Email:

  2. Phone: +855-23-860-800 / +855-92-777-309

  3. Telegram: +855-17-982-629

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